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Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, Design Consultation, Commercial/Residential, interior decorator, construction, lighting, color & finish selection


Working with a designer who has attained professional membership in a provincial association such as CIDAA, assures you that the individual meets the highest level of professional qualifications.


Designing, redesigning, or renovating an interior space often involves a significant investment of time, money, and effort.  Hiring a professional interior designer is the best way to ensure you get value for your investment. It also provides peace of mind knowing that: 

  • We save you time and indecision because we know the process, the products and the industry

  • Gain shared sources and resources. We have access to thousands of products, material and finishes; some of which are Exclusive to the decor industry

  • Save you money because we also have considerable product discounts that can also save you from costly mistakes. We also can provide a consultation services to provide advice as needed during the renovation process.

  • Meet your needs and specifications. Incorporate sustainable design and ergonomics (if requested)

  • Save stress and heartache. Whatever you didn't get just right will become apparent once you start living in your new space





$150.00/ HR

Your Interior Designer is a person with the patience and the passion to sift through thousands of details, organize them in order to make informed decisions and plan the preparations for a smooth transition.


In addition to advising on color, fabric, and furishings, professional interior decorators have an in-depth knowledge of flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, finishes, hardware, lighting, acoustics and many other elements.

Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, Design Consultation, Commercial/Residential, interior decorator, construction, lighting,

Take the time to interview the interior designers and check their references before making a final decision. Each designer should explain their design process, how they work, and what they charge for their services. They should also ask you about your needs, timeline, and expectations. It’s important the both parties feel comfortable with the relationship before a contract is signed and work begins.


As with any professional service, a clearly written contract is essential. The agreement should outline what both parties expect to receive from the arrangement, the work that is to be done, and the fees to be charged.


We encourage the general public to contact our clients for professional interior designer referrals.



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