As-built drawings, site visit with space measurements built drawings, site visit with space measurements and produce blueprints:


40 cents/sqft - for Offices/Retail

30 cents/sqft - for shop/warehouse/open spaces


75 cents/sqft - 1.00 dollar/sqft, 

depends on the size and the complexity

Minimum price is $650, which means if the project costs less than $650 (such as 650 sqft project) you will still pay $650. If we need to get it stamped, it will be $700/simple renovation and $1200 for general.


At design rezolution we create fast turn-around and affordable renderings of commercial, office buildings, residential and interior renderings. We also make cut-out interior visuals or 3d floor plan of your residential and commercial building layouts. Files from clients could be in any format, pdf, cad, jpegs etc.

  • Architectural design

  • Partner architects where a stamp is required

  • Full construction drawings

  • Preliminary / concept drawings

  • As-built drawings of existing buildings

  • Space planning

  • BIM (building information modeling) with Revit

  • Structural engineering

  • Partner engineers where a stamp is required

  • MEP engineering layouts- Partner engineers where a stamp is required

  • 3D renderings

  • Custom home design

  • Interior design

  • Landscape design

  • Lighting design

  • Augmented reality

  • Turn-key design build in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and surrounding areas


Designing the space and providing blueprints for a renovation or a new Project, Spa or Saloon:

Starting at 80 cents/sqft

Design work: 50 cents/sqft additional


Providing images of inside of the space and full color near photo quality.

Starting at $650 for single simple view

Going up to $1750 for multiple angles in high quality view

MEP engineering layouts, electrical:

If no stamp required, price is $650

If the stamp is require, the price is $2.0 - 3.5/sqft

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