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What is Home Staging?

The act of making an unfurnished house appear lived in to entice buyers to purchase the property. The goal is to make the buyer feel at home when hes/she tours the property however the listing pictures also appear to show case the home more appropriately to the viewer. Typically a designer/home stager can use your own their furniture and accessories.


Rearranging, eliminating and or bringing in new furniture can help achieve this. design rezolution has our own local staging warehouse that we can get appropriate merchandise on a rental basis if your home permits this service. 

Home staging is popular because it provides the buyer with an idea of how furniture could be placed in the home and how much space will be available when it's furnish The space also looks picture worthy in the photos and will be attractive to the potential buyer! The first setp to getting them in to the space is via photos online and or the paper.


design rezolution Ltd. helps to ensure that any money spent yields a significant return for you. We concentrate on all areas of your home that need to be addressed: cleanliness, furniture placement, accessories, repairs, inside and out, and of course curb appeal. 

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